Admission Guide


Application period・Admission date

Preparatory CourseStudy periodApplication deadlineDate of deliveryAdmission date
April semesterTwo yearsLate September of last yearLate FebruaryEarly April

Business courseStudy periodApplication deadlineDate of deliveryAdmission date
October semesterOne year and six monthsLate AprilLate AugustEarly October

Admission method and acceptance announcement

1st screening
Document screening and on-site or web interview

2nd screening
The school’s selection meeting reviews the document screening and interviews to determine pass or fail. Applicants who have passed the second screening, submit the application to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau to apply for the status of residence.
For successful applicants, the originals such as diplomas will be returned.

3rd screening
A Certificate of Eligibility for Residence will be issued to successful applicants from Immigration.
The original diploma and other information with the reason for the refusal will be returned to those who have not admitted.

Required documents

Application form (Issued by the school)
Resume / Reason for Studying Abroad
Four photos
A copy of passport
Certificate of graduation or  Certificate of expected graduation
Report card of the last school ※ (If enrolled) Certificate of enrollment, transcript
Japanese Learning Certificate
Documents to be submitted by the financial guarantee (Father or mother is preferred as a financial supporter)
Expense payment statement
Deposit balance certificate of the financial supporter
A copy of the bankbook or a document that proves how the funds were formed
Certificate of employment of the financial supporter
Certificates of income and tax payment of the financial supporter
A document that demonstrates the relationship between the financial supporter and the applicant
A Certificate that proves the family structure of the financial supporter



Tuition list1st year2nd year
April studentOctober student
Application fee¥20,000¥0¥0
Enrollment fee¥30,000¥0¥0
Equipment costs¥40,000¥40,000¥20,000
Textbook fee¥30,000¥30,000¥15,000
Tuition¥600,000 ¥600,000 ¥300,000
1st-year subtotal¥720,000
2nd-year subtotal¥670,000 ¥335,000
Full-year total¥1,390,000¥1,055,000

Other information

Application conditions
Applicants who have received 12 years of education in their home country and have a high school diploma or higher. New graduates are ideal.

At the time of application
① JLPT N5 or above
② J-TEST F Class or above
③ NAT Japanese Language Test Level 5 or higher
④ Certificate of at least 150 hours of study at a local Japanese language school
Must meet any of the above.
In addition, applicants who study sincerely for the purpose of the study and has excellent personality and health.
The financial supporter must have certain financial capabilities.

Payment of tuition and dormitory fees
After the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is issued by the Immigration Bureau, the school will send a copy of the successful applicant’s COE to overseas affiliated institutions or applicants.
After confirming the copy, the applicant will transfer the one-year tuition fee and half-year dormitory fee to the designated account of the school within the prescribed period.
After confirming the payment, the school will send the original certificate of eligibility to the overseas affiliated organization or applicants.

Refund of tuition and dormitory fees if the visa is rejected by the Japanese consulate
After the school confirms the admission letter, the original receipt of tuition and dormitory fees, and a copy of the passport from the applicant, the school fee and dormitory fees other than the admission fee and screening fee will be refunded to the applicant’s or the financial supporter’s account. However, fees incurred by banks in both countries will be borne by the applicant.


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